Will Your Tattoos Be Beautiful In 50 Years?

The tattooed have all heard relatives deplore their passion for these drawings of skin with the same argument: “You see yourself, tattooed, at 60?” Implying that when we get older, our tattoos also age. But how do they age, our tattoos? What are the areas, colors, and shapes to favor for a tattoo that lasts a long time? Answers with the help of Dr. Lydia Houri, morphologist and anti-aging doctor at the Parisian Laser Center and president of the European Union of Laser Doctors and Surgeons.

At 60, we still want our tattoos to look good. ” Sixty years is the second age today! We have a renewed motivation and desire “, underlines Dr Lydia Houri, president of the European Union of Physicians and Surgeons. Most of the sixties who come for tattoo removal at the Center do so with a view to improving or radically changing their tattoo. 

For Dr. Houri, what changes above all in our tattoos is the way we look at them: we no longer like them because they are no longer in fashion. They are no longer beautiful. But a tattoo also deteriorates over time, which does not work in its favor. Which areas are the most fragile? Which colors fade the most? How to prevent aging tattoos? 

Aging tattoos: which areas to avoid? 

In order for a tattoo to last long, you should avoid areas that are likely to warp, sag, and lose elasticity over time. A tattoo on the thigh, stomach, or triceps will tend to change the texture, wrinkle, and stretch with aging skin, or after pregnancy for example. 

Under these conditions, it is better to focus on the back, forearms, or calves.

” You should also avoid areas where the skin is very thin or those where skin appendages are rare, ” she adds. We, therefore, avoid the neck and back of the hand, for example. ” In these areas, if you no longer like the tattoo, it will be very difficult to remove it with a laser because the risk of scars is greater! ” 

Tattoos that age best: colors and patterns 

The most durable inks on the skin are white, beige, sky blue, and orange inks. Even with laser tattoo removal, they resist. On the other hand, the very classic black, dark blue, red, or green inks, in other words, the most used, fade more over time. 

But new inks and new techniques are working in favor of a tattoo’s long-lasting wear. ” The tattoos are very sophisticated in the way they are done and the new inks last a very long time, ” explains Dr. Houri.  

Can we prevent the aging of a tattoo? 

Exposure to the sun, swimming in very chlorinated swimming pools, scrubs,  successive laser hair removal sessions … many factors gradually attenuate the color of a tattoo, however sophisticated and modern it may be.

Moisturizing Your Tattoos  

daily is not enough to overcome the marks of time either. Faced with this observation, only one way allows a tattoo to age well for Dr. Houri: regular touch-ups at the tattoo artist.

>> The various photo series on tattooed seniors that we find on the internet clearly show one thing: has been or not, faded or not, a tattoo is above all the memory of the self before. And that is always beautiful, isn’t it? 

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