Why After Years Do You Keep Thinking About Your Ex

After many months or even years, those thoughts about a past relationship become more present. There are several reasons why after years you keep thinking about your ex.

Ex-couples are often a vivid memory, but it is one thing for them to be inadvertently remembered after a long time after the relationship ended, and another is for those memories to come back years later. There are reasons why after a long time you keep thinking about your ex.

Memories of a past relationship that appear after years are often annoying and even painful for many people. There are reasons why after many years you keep thinking about that former partner that you may have thought you had forgotten.


They say that remembering is living again, but it is not always true. For a lot of people, remembering those moments they spent with ex-partners is often very painful. This is why there are reasons why those memories come and go after many years.

Painful Cycle After Breakup 

Having left this cycle as painful as the breakup of a partner is unfinished, causes the mourning process to be unfinished. This overtime when the waters are calming down and the ex-partner begins to be overcome always comes back for not having completely left out that cycle. It is necessary to have free time and reflection to say goodbye to that stage of life and that painful memories stop appearing out of nowhere.

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