What cooking tips really work?

There are really ed everything on the internet, including a lot of advice for all the problems of everyday life. Some are excellent. But others are totally counterproductive, or even bad: not all of them work and, in reality, do not make our lives easier. The editorial staff of Bored mojo has decided to share with its readers the popular tips that are worthy of interest, and those that are better to forget.

Cut the tomatoes in half

Tip: To quickly cut tomatoes or other round fruits and vegetables, place them on a plate and cover them with another. Holding the top plate, cut the tomatoes carefully. You will be able to cut the vegetables in a few seconds.

Result : Works. Just try to have a sharp knife that is long enough, or it won’t work.

Refresh bottles quickly

Tip : To make the drinks in glass bottles cool more quickly, put them in the freezer after wrapping them in a wet paper towel.

Result: Does not work. A bottle wrapped in a paper towel cools down at the same rate as a normal bottle.

Separate the egg yolks from the whites

Tip : To separate egg yolks from whites, use a plastic bottle. Break the eggs on a plate, take the bottle and tilt it slightly to the side to let the air out. Approach the bottle with the egg yolk and slowly tilt the edges. Yellow will enter it. Then approach the bottle to a clean plate, tilt it again and the yolk will come out intact.

Result: Works. Very appreciable. This really makes cooking easier, it’s easy and requires no special dexterity. We advise you to put it into practice.

Properly hollow out strawberries

Tip : To remove the heart of the strawberry and its tail in a single gesture, while keeping the fruit intact, use a drinking straw. Push it from bottom to top in the center of the strawberry.

Result: Works but only for small fruits whose heart is no larger than the diameter of the straw. For a larger cutter, a knife will be needed.

Cut fresh cheese or cake with dental floss

Tip : To slice cheese, a roll or a cake in regular slices, use dental floss. Cut a piece of wire and hold it by the ends using your two hands. Stretch it well and cut your food.

Result: Works. Unlike a knife, the wire does not stick to the cheese and helps to cut it into thin slices. With cakes it also works but it is not as easy, you will not get there until you have made several attempts.

Scaly an egg with a spoon

Tip : Break the shell on the larger side of the egg to pierce the air bubble. Then slide a spoon between the shell and the egg, progressing little by little.

Result : Does not work. In addition, it requires much more time and effort than the traditional method of shelling eggs. It is better to use another trick that greatly facilitates the process: fill a pan with cold water, place the eggs in it and cover the pan well. Then shake the pan vigorously while holding the lid and remove the shell with water.

Open a jar with scotch tape

Tip : To easily open a jar, use a piece of tape. Glue one end to the jar and hold the other in your hand. With one hand, hold the jar, and with the other, pull on the tape.

Result : does not work. This is a great method if you want to not only open the jar but also spill half of its contents. In addition, the effort made will be the same as to open the jar in a normal way. We advise you another thing: put on a rubber glove to open the jar: in this way, it will not slip in your hand.

Avoid the liquid overflowing from a pan


Tip: Place a wooden spoon on top of the pan, and the liquid will not overflow.

Result : Does not work. The liquid will spill out of the pan anyway and no spoon can hold it.

Reheated pizza that stays crisp

Tip : To keep the crust of a reheated pizza crisp and not soften, put a glass of water in the microwave next to the pizza and reheat it normally.

Result : Does not work. The pizza will soften anyway and lose its original taste.

Peel a kiwi, an avocado, a mango

Tip : To quickly peel a kiwi, mango or avocado, use a simple glass. Cut the fruit in half and extract the pulp by rubbing it against the glass wall as shown in the photo.

Result : does not work. To perform this trick, you have to be a real professional. Without painstaking training, you will not be able to peel the fruit this way. On the other hand you will get a fruit puree in your glass.

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