We Reveal To You 8 Secrets Of The Towers Of Magicians And illusionists

Raymond Teller and Penn Gillett are two Americans who, between 2003 and 2010, in their Bullshit program, tried to see what was really hiding behind various social issues. They thus looked at the tricks that illusionists use in their magic tricks: some people think that they are really paranormal “gifts”. Obviously not: magicians also have their tricks.

In this article, Boredmojo has decided to reveal a few secrets to magic lovers so that they will no longer be afraid for the lives of the protagonists the next time they see a dangerous turn. You could even very easily try to do a magic trick at home if you want.


The Transformation Trick

We Reveal To You 8 Secrets Of The Towers Of Magicians And illusionists

The magician puts himself in a bag which is securely attached by his assistant. They then put it in a safe which they lock. The assistant climbs up on the chest, raises the curtain and when she lowers it, the magician appears in front of the audience. Finally, he opens the trunk and unpacks the bag in which his assistant is located. She sometimes has another costume for an even more incredible effect.

What is the trick: there is an opening in the magician’s bag, it is normally a zipper that can be opened from the inside. The assistant stands up, feet on the sides of the trunk, but the middle of the trunk can be opened easily. When the girl raises the curtain, the magician quickly gets out of the trunk, grabs the curtain and his assistant quickly slips inside the trunk. While the illusionist opens the lock of the trunk, the girl puts herself in the bag and takes off her main costume, under which she has another. The faster and more coordinated these actions are, the more spectacular the number will appear.


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