Waking up in great shape: 16 tips for becoming a morning

Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Discover our 16 tips for becoming a morning.

Plunged into a deep sleep, in the middle of a dream, the alarm rings. If some people jump out of bed without difficulty, others constantly push back the fateful moment with the famous “snooze” button. Although they would like to linger longer in the warm under the duvet, the obligations of life generally require them to get up at a specific time. In reality, the ideal would be to respect your sleep rhythm and your biological clock . If you’re having trouble waking up in the morning, it’s the fault of genetics . But you can also remedy this by adopting a few tips to get up early and on the right foot.

Before to sleep

The secret to sleeping well and waking up without problems is to get into good habits before bed.

Avoid coffees and teas.

Coffee lovers will not be delighted. Caffeine and stimulants in general, especially teas and energy drinks, should be avoided after 4 p.m. They lengthen the time to fall asleep, decrease the duration of sleep and increase the night awakenings.

We forget the screens.

Smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers are to be avoided. These devices emit blue light , almost like daylight. It strongly disrupts your sleep. It is better to stop them at least an hour before going to bed.

No to heavy meals.

To avoid being bloated and disturb your sleep, opt for light dinners, preferably without red meat. At dinner, we prefer vegetables, raw vegetables, fish, dairy products containing tryptophan, an animated acid that promotes sleep. In addition, digestion increases the body temperature, so it is better to have dinner, ideally two hours before bed.

Maintain a good temperature in the room

Eighteen degrees is the perfect temperature for sleeping well. A room at this temperature promotes sleep and breathing.

Prepare everything the day before.

“Don’t put off what you can do overnight,” said Benjamin Franklin. Save time and prepare your files, your outfit, your bag the day before. This will save you from running right to left the next morning to find your favorite pants.

Relax with a hot bath or shower.

For a perfect sleep, take a hot shower or bath. It will relax you and eliminate the stress of the day. This will make it easier for you to fall asleep.


Use the gradual method

“The future belongs to those who get up early”, so if you want to change the time you wake up, there is no point in suddenly changing it because your body will not understand and you may be in deficit of sleep . The best solution to get there and use the gradual method. For a few days, get up 15 or 20 minutes earlier, a few days after get off for another 15 or 20 minutes, and so on.

Put your alarm clock away from your bed to forget the “snooze” button.

This tip is known to everyone, but you can never be too careful, some people probably don’t know it, so it’s best to stipulate it. When your alarm rings, you tend to turn it off and then go back to sleep. To avoid this, place your alarm clock at the other end of the room. This will require you to get up and get out of your bed to go put it out. Also, postponing waking up may delay you and therefore stress or irritate you.

Choose a pleasant ringtone and change it often

When you are used to your ringing, your brain no longer responds the same way. By changing your ringtone, you will be surprised and you will wake up more easily. Obviously, choose a ringtone that you like, but preferably a soft ringtone to wake you up gently .

Get up at the same time on weekdays and weekends

Sleeping in the morning is a pleasure that we take every weekend. However, by delaying your waking time by a few minutes or a few hours, your brain will not get used to one waking hour. Get up at the same time every day to adjust your sleep cycle.

Waking up in the light of day.

Sleep with the curtains or shutters open to let the light into the room, this will tell your body that it is time to get up. If you prefer to sleep in complete darkness, open your curtains and shutters as soon as you wake up to fill up on light and help your body stop producing the sleep hormone melatonin . Also, ventilate the rooms to get a good breath of fresh air.

A good shower in the morning.

Take a lukewarm shower to wake up your sleepy body by increasing your body temperature.


During the night the body becomes dehydrated, drinking water as soon as you wake up allows the body to wake up.

Doing exercises

A little exercise or running session in the morning will help you wake up. In addition, you will be in a good mood because sport produces endorphins , the hormone of pleasure.

Have breakfast.

Some people skip breakfast in the morning, yet breakfast naturally helps your body understand that it’s time to wake up. Choose fruits because croissants and toast are fatty foods that promote drowsiness.

Find a good reason to get up early

The last and not the least. It’s all a question of motivation, so find a reason that gets you up early: sports, breakfast, a family time before going to work, reading a book.

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