Use Eggshells As Seedling Pots To Save On Gardening.

All green hands know that germinating their own seeds is much more economical than buying plants in a garden center. You save almost 90% on the gardening budget! But how do you make peas, squash and tomatoes germinate when it’s still too cold outside? Easy as pie, dear readers The answer lies on your breakfast table, at the market or in your compost heap. What is it about ? I named: the eggs! Egg-speaker, isn’t it?

Yes, to make even more savings in the sowing season, use eggshells as a container to make your biodegradable seedling pots. Your wallet will thank you!

8 good reasons to germinate your seeds in an eggshell

1. The entire seedling pot is biodegradable.

2. The cost of an eggshell is 0 €. Just collect the shells if you eat eggs.

3. The shells contain mineral salts, such as calcium and other useful nutrients.

4. The shells are not treated and therefore safe for animals and children.

5. Sowing seeds indoors gives you a huge head start on your garden. Even if it still freezes outside, you will be ready for the first beautiful days.

6. The seeds sprouted in an eggshell are tougher and tougher than when they are planted in the ground.

7. Indoor germination allows you to eliminate weaker seedlings and monitor them every day.

8. It is a very fun project for children.

Seedling pots using eggshells

You will need some good eggs and some gardening tools to do this. But don’t worry, most of them are probably already stored in your kitchen or somewhere in your house.

What you need

– seeds ( try to use old varieties )

– eggshells

– boxes of eggs

– potting soil

– 1 spoon

– 1 punch or needle

– 1 knife

– 1 pot and 1 pan

– felt

– 1 spray bottle

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