This Is Why We Reacted within the Time Before Reaction GIFs

Sometimes, emojis just don’t work. We want a moving picture to completely describe the way we feel, something which can entirely encapsulate our feelings, dumbfounded. GIFs did exactly that, and often they exceed accomplishing modern communication methods. They’re almost certain to better explain your emotions while texting or tweeting. They always just complete the job, with precision and more importantly, top-notch humor.

Are you able to make a world without GIFs? I understand my existence might have much less meaning, and that I would constantly feel misinterpreted. Thinking about I’m able to hold a whole conversation with GIFs and GIFs alone, I understand the significance of a great moving photo. But exactly how did we communicate pre-GIF? Or, as I love to refer to it as, B.G. (before GIF)?


Thankfully, someone tweeted this profound thought and everybody shared what existence was like before we’d the gorgeous GIFs to complete our putting in a bid and man could it be nostalgic. Let us just say, we’re forever grateful for GIFs.




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