These Incredible True Stories That Will Change How You Think About Luck

Do you think luck is just for the Irish? Here are the true stories of people who celebrate luck, coincident and joy of being in the right place at the exact right time.



Found Money At The Grocery shop




I was standing in the third line at the counter, and there is a lady at the cashier who was purchasing some basic items. Two cans of cat food, some eggs, white bread, a pack of milk and some different cookies. The cash was in her hand as the cashier returned her the total. She was 88 cents short. She checked her purse to no avail. “I can put something back,” she said. The man ahead of me reached into his pocket, palmed a dollar, bent down as if to pick something up, and said, “I think you dropped this..”—Michael F. Heberger, East Rochester, New York



The cat and the fire




I was deploying overseas so I decided to leave my cat with my mom. My mother had been feeling alone so I hoped she would change that and give my mother company. After one year, I was ready and thinking of to get her back but before I could do that, my mother called me and said when I was sleeping with your cat but she started pushing my face and meowing. She never did that before. When I smelled something weird, I jumped out of bed and found the kitchen was burning. My mom is alive because of her. I am not gonna get her back from my mom.—Helen Jones, Pflugerville, Texas




A ride in a cop car




I left Tokyo, Japan 40 years ago, to live in a small town in Oklahoma. One day, I went for shopping via bus but ended up with quite an armful of packages. I thought I have a lot of packages so it would be great to go home in a taxi. Within a short time, it appeared my ride had pulled over. I gave him my home address and off we went. The driver was really kind, he helped me carry my packages into my apartment. I asked him the fare in my broken English.”How much do I owe you”?.He replied “Not a dime, Miss. I am a police officer.—Fumiko Cascio, San Diego, California



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