These are the biggest mistakes after sports

When and what can you actually eat after exercising? And what about drinks and proper stretching? We tell you the most important after-workout rules.

After the sport a beer with friends, the evening can begin! It’s also tempting to treat yourself to something delicious after training, after all, you’ve just burned a lot of calories. We actually know that this is not the very best idea. The fact is: you can make a lot of mistakes after your workout. But what exactly should you do after exercising and what should you actually do without? Here comes the Dos & Don’ts.

Don’t: Drink too Little

In sports, we not only consume a lot of calories, but also sweat a lot of water through sweating. That’s why you should definitely drink enough during and especially after training. How much? About 30 to 35 ml per kg of body weight plus 500 to 1000 ml for every hour of physical activity. The best choice: normal mineral water.

Be sure not to touch sports drinks. They are usually overpriced and are sometimes full of sugar. Soda, cola or juice and energy drinks are also not a good idea. Of course, alcohol is also a no-go after sports.

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