These 5 trendy diets that are based on healthier eating

Each lifestyle has its own diet! But among these diet programs that defend a way of life more than a slimming promise, 5 diets share an incentive to eat better, by banning overly processed products. They favor the consumption of natural fresh products, and commit us to “eat healthy”. So what are the specifics of the 5 most hyped natural diets of the moment?

Raw food eaters rely on a living diet

Among the pillars of clean eating(understand “eating clean / healthy”) is the raw food trend, which the Anglo-Saxons call raw food diet .

The principle
Foods when cooked, lose a lot of their nutrients. So we encourage the consumption of food preferably of vegetable origin, which we do not cook and which we do not process.
But not all crudivores limit themselves to a vegetarian diet, and you can sometimes see on their plates adepts eggs, raw dairy products, or raw fish.
Followers defend its benefits, including nutrient and fiber-rich intakes, and a certain ease in losing weight.

To note
Many nutritionists are sounding the alarm about a calorie intake that is sometimes too low in a “raw food” diet. A drift which can even induce deficiencies (in certain vitamins, mineral salts and proteins).

Take inspiration from prehistoric men and eat “paleo”

The principle

The paleo diet owes its name to the fact that it intends to return to a diet close to that of the Paleolithic era. This clearly means that the paleo diet gives pride of place to fruits and vegetables, lean meat, nuts, seeds and good fats, such as coconut oil.
It is based on an unprocessed diet, which bans dairy products, cereals, sugar and alcohol.
The followers of the paleo diet appreciate this more natural diet which they also consider healthier, in particular thanks to its richness in plant nutrients. They also highlight a better feeling of satiety thanks to a high protein intake.
Another bonus: the authorized foods are not so numerous, it seems easier to lose weight with a paleo diet.

The detractors of the paleo argue that it would prove more costly to follow the precepts of this diet, and warn of the absence of cereals and dairy products, two categories of energy-providing foods, which the body has need.Longevity and health with the Mediterranean diet

What is called “Mediterranean diet” does not correspond to any fashion whatsoever, nor to a diet in the sense in which it is commonly understood.

The principle

The Mediterranean diet designates the diet of the countries of the Mediterranean basin, with some variations. The populations of these countries eat many fresh products (fruits, vegetables, fish …), whole grains, olive oil (not butter) and sometimes we even mention on the menu a glass of red wine . Without forgetting the aromatic herbs and spices as a seasoning, rather than the salt.
This Mediterranean diet has less red meat and less fat, and its dairy products have a low enough fat content. In addition, people in the Mediterranean area have regular physical activity.

The Mediterranean diet has been the subject of numerous studies, the seriousness of which is no longer to be proven. These studies highlight the health benefits of this diet on the body, such as a reduction in cardiovascular risk and a reduction in certain cancers.
We love the fact that it is an easy diet to follow, beyond trends and fads, and whose variety of dishes is very wide!

Sirtfood diet, the diet of authorized small pleasures.

The “Sirtfood diet” is a slimming diet which takes its name from sirtuins, a category of enzymatic proteins.

The principle
While other diets prohibit them, the Sirtfood diet authorizes certain foods that we adore, such as red wine or dark chocolate for example.
More specifically, this food program is based on the consumption of foods rich in sirtuin enzymes. These foods include dark chocolate and red wine, but also apples, citrus fruits and kale.
Sirtuin enzymes are proteins that improve cellular resistance to stress, slow skin aging, boost neurons …
Followers of the Sirtfood diet gladly make the link between the effect of these enzymes and the benefits of this diet.


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