These 11 Signals Clearly Show That He’s Crazy About You

“Men rarely express their feelings, so if you want to know what they think of you and what their intentions are, you should either ask them directly or pay attention to their gestures and attitude,” says famous Patti Wood . American psychologist who has over 30 years of experience and who has written several books on communication and body language.


After reading his book, Boredmojo has retained the main list of unconscious gestures made by a loving man, which will allow you to detect the intensity of his affection towards you.



1. He is attentive and attentive.

These 11 Signals Clearly Show That He's Crazy About You

If a man loves you then he will want to know everything about you. Every detail and every story, however insignificant it may be. He will literally remember everything you told him : your favorite ice cream flavor, your pet’s name, the school you attended.

When a man really listens to you, he tilts his head slightly to the side . When you see that he has tilted his head, change the subject of the conversation. If he keeps his head in this position, then he is interested in you. And if he straightens it, then he was only interested in the topic of conversation.

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