The unexpected benefits of hydrogen peroxide

Oxygenated water is generally used to treat wounds and prevent them from becoming infected. But do you know that it can be useful in other situations?

Eliminate pimples.

Thanks to its sterilizing and disinfecting properties, hydrogen peroxide can be used to dry and eliminate pimples .

Before applying, wash the affected part of the body with soap and water.

Then pass a cotton swab moistened with hydrogen peroxide 10 volumes on each button, then rinse.

Do not do this over a large area, as this may irritate or dry it out.

You can also use it in the same way to lightly and gradually whiten your skin spots.

Lighten hair.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to lighten strands of hair .

It is enough to apply a cotton soaked in hydrogen peroxide in 20 volumes on the wicks to be discolored. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes (the longer you wait, the brighter the strands will be).

Then wash your hair with shampoo and ideally, do a conditioner or mask, because the hydrogen peroxide is very drying.

Only do this if your scalp is perfectly healthy and if your hair is natural (uncoloured, not permed) and healthy .

After bleaching, avoid applying chemicals to your hair and avoid heat producing devices.

Do not repeat the application too often at the risk of damaging your hair and irritating your scalp.

Whiten the nails.

Hydrogen peroxide also helps whiten the nails .

To do this, first soak your nails in hot water to soften them.

Then, pass a cotton pad soaked in hydrogen peroxide 10 volumes on your nails, leave on for a few moments and rinse.

Avoid repeating the operation too frequently.

Launder clothes.

Hydrogen peroxide can also be a great help in bleaching tarnished or yellowed laundry .

To do this, pour half a bottle of 30-volume hydrogen peroxide in a hot water tank .

Leave to soak for several hours, rinse and then machine wash as usual.

In the case of a stain, such as perspiration stains, rub a cotton pad soaked in hydrogen peroxide, leave on, rinse and then wash.

For the House.

Oxygenated water can also be used for the home!

You can indeed detach the yellowed PVC or electrical appliances by rubbing with a cotton pad soaked in hydrogen peroxide 60 volumes .

A bathroom full of mold ? Fill a sprayer with 60 volumes of hydrogen peroxide, spray on the mold, leave on for a few moments, remove the stains with the sponge and rinse.

Hydrogen peroxide must be used with caution, always take care to rinse it properly, respect the doses and do not repeat the applications too often.

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