The Japanese method to combat laziness.

“Monday I start a new life, I go to the gym, I do yoga, I read before bed …”. Each of us sets goals every day and does not reach them, pushing them back to the next month, for two months or even, for the following year.

Sometimes we start doing what we planned, but after three days of sports a week for several hours a day, we suddenly give up, either forever or for a long time. But why ? Because the task was too heavy, because we felt tired and we were not yet ready.

Kaizen method, or rule of the minute

The concept of this method lies in the idea that each person can concede a given effort each day at the same time for only one minute.   One minute is very little, and anyone can do it, even the most lazy. These same tasks that you did not want to perform for half an hour, always finding an excuse, you can easily perform them for 60 short seconds.

Jumping with a rope, working your chest, exercising your eye muscles, doing some yoga, reading a book in another language – is absolutely not difficult if we know that we have to do this activity for just a minute. On the contrary, it makes us happy and content with ourselves. And it is precisely by making these small advances that you can achieve results that you never even imagined.

It is also very important to defeat that little inner voice that keeps telling you that you can’t do it. You will no longer have this feeling of guilt, helplessness, and you will enjoy a pleasant feeling of having done things right. As soon as you feel inspired, sure and motivated, you can increase the time to five minutes (always little by little), and so on. Then, without realizing it, you can spend half an hour or more doing what you always wanted: progress will be evident!

The word “Kaizen” in Japanese is made up of two words: “kai” = change, and “zen” = wisdom. The author of this concept of quality management is called Masaaki Imai. He thinks that Kaizen is a true philosophy that can make you succeed in business as well as in private life. Many quality control processes in factories are inspired by Kaizen.

We may believe, as Westerners, that this Japanese method is not effective, because we have always been taught that it is not possible to achieve good results without making great efforts. But it is also true that large projects that require a lot of energy and pressure can end up experiencing a person.

The Kaizen method is useful for everyone, and it can be adapted in all areas. The Japanese, for example, use this strategy of gradual and constant growth to improve the management of many processes.

Now you just have to ask yourself what you want, and start using the Kaizen method. Remember, even the longest path begins with a first step, and it does not matter if it is very small.

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