The 7 essential beauty routines of summer.

Heat, sun, wind, swimming … If summer is the time of year when you reconnect with your body, it is also when you expose it more. With two essential words for well-being: hydration and lightness. Here are the rituals that sublimate, protect and refresh the face, hair, legs, feet …

No more question, the time of the holidays, to talk about tedious brushing or camouflage foundation … In summer, we lighten the usual beauty rituals and we take time for well-being gestures.

Face in the heat: multiply hydrating gestures

In summer the skin heats up more, the water evaporates faster. It needs more intense hydration and lighter textures … a question of comfort.

“It’s not so much the heat but prolonged sun exposure that dehydrates the skin,” says dermatologist Dr. Sylvie Body. The UV abuse plays on the cells of the dermis which contain 80% water but also on the elastic fibers and the collagen which participate in the support frame. This network is damaged by the sun, the skin dries up and manifests, in extreme cases, the signs of solar elastosis  : lack of tone, sagging areas, etc. 

The solution: multiply the moisturizing gestures, a bit like the famous Japanese layering which prefers the application of two thin layers of product rather than a thick one. Thus, we swap its rich and thick cream and apply a gel-cream texture in the morning, provided that it is boosted by touch-ups of hydration during the day.

“Plus” gestures:

  • apply a moisturizing lotion in the morning to cleanse;
  • use a light serum in a thin layer under the day cream;
  • spray her skin with thermal water during the day, count to ten and absorb with a tissue;
  • make a mask in the evening when the skin needs it.

The SOS gesture: redness? Cool it with a mist of thermal water, apply a thick layer of an after-sun cream or Cicabio ointment or Cicaplast Baume B5 type. Avoid rubbing with clothing, do not expose yourself or, at least, put on high protection without forgetting to wear a hat.

Make up in summer without shine

To prevent shine and the makeup flowing under the effect of heat … here are the tips from Carole Colombani, professional makeup artist.

  • For the complexion: it’s time for BB bronze, these BB creams, special for summer, which boost good looks and transparency. They are perfect and almost sufficient on one condition: use a slightly mattifying treatment underneath, or touch up during the day to absorb the excess shine.
  • For the eyes: the texture that holds best on the eyes is the long-lasting cream, whether it comes in a jar or in a large jumbo pencil, accompanied by a waterproof mascara.
  • For the lips: the color that best enhances the tan is pink: “Play the real pink card, tender but not pastel, which enhances the mouth,” Carole Colombani advises.

The SOS gesture : swap loose powder for mattifying papers. “On a skin that shines due to sebum and perspiration, adding loose powder would not be very happy: risks of making visible traces … Better to use absorbent papers which will remove more than add something on the skin. “

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