The 15 Most Disturbing Films

There are films so strange and with such a bizarre universe that they plunge us into abysses of perplexity. But what did they mean? Sometimes you have to brainstorm well after the end credits to understand the conclusions of certain stories and finally assess all the twists and turns. 

Boredmojo has gathered for you some disturbing films that you will no doubt want to review to analyze them from start to finish, and solve all the puzzles that you could not have solved, or even pinpointed, the first time.


Hide and Seek Trouble Game

The 15 Most Disturbing Films

A middle-aged psychiatrist, David, is desperate to help his daughter Emily recover from her mother’s death. He sees bizarre changes in the child’s behavior. It turns out that she has an imaginary friend, whom she calls Charlie. At first, David doesn’t take her seriously, but when mysterious events start to take place at their place, he tries to find out more about this funny friend.

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