The 10 Most Beautiful Combinations Of Materials To Use In Decoration!

In decoration, the colors, the furniture and the general style that we want to give to a space are usually the things that we establish at the beginning of our project. We often base its decoration on our favorite color, a piece of furniture with which we fell in love or with an original painting!

Although these elements have a certain importance, one should not forget what the richness and the texture of the different mixtures of materials can bring to an interior. These form the basis of the decor and can literally transform your space! Ready to be inspired? Here are the 10 most beautiful combinations of materials to use in decoration!

1. Marble And Wood

The marble and wood , two “noble” materials complement perfectly in decor! We particularly like the mix of white marble and red wood since the warm color of the latter balances the “cooler” side of the marble. Marble, on the other hand, gives a more “chic” touch to wood and brings a lot of light to the decor. What a perfect match!

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