T.I.’s Wife Responds After He Admits He Checks His Daughter Remains a Virgin

There have been endless tales of controlling and obsessive parenting, with a few parents smothering their kids in protection until their youthful adults. Lots of parents do obsessive things inside a desperate bid to safeguard their kids from anything that may be potentially dangerous… However when are these behaviours considered too much?

Rapper and record producer T.I has lately spoken in a podcast about how exactly he adopts his 18-year-old daughter towards the doctor each year to see if her hymen continues to be intact. He claims he is doing this to check on that she’s still a virgin.

Individuals are completely disgusted in the rapper’s actions and also have even labelled them as child abuse. And today, a variety of celebrities have spoken out about his actions, and let us just say – they aren’t impressed. And today his wife has damaged her silence around the debate.

It’s really no secret there are many parents available who’re a tad too protective of the children.

Some parents just can’t fathom the thought of their kids becoming an adult and living individually, and securely on their own.

His or her children become teenagers…

Lots of parents truly have a problem with the idea of their children becoming if perhaps you are and losing their virginities.


There comes a period in everybody’s existence whether they have to develop up…

And also the factor that lots of parents appear to forget is the fact that their children aren’t children.


Age consent within the U . s. States vary with respect to the condition…


But typically, age consent varies from 16 to 18-years-old.


Then when an individual turns 16…

Those are the ones in charge of what they would like to use their physiques.


But sadly, not every parent respect this fact…


And T.I is one kind of these controlling parents.


T.I is much better recognized for his career just like a rapper plus a record producer.

Born as Clifford Ernest Harris Junior. in September 1980, T.I constitutes a effective career for themselves just like a rapper with popular hits for instance “Whatever You Like” and “Live Your Existence.”

The rapper featured around the podcast this year’s week…

He was speaking around the Existence Hacks episode from the Ladies Like Us podcast, and that he was requested about whether he’d talked to his children – 2 sons and 1 daughter – about getting sex.

His daughter, Deyjah, has become 18 and it has just begun college.

Talking about Deyjah, T.I stated that they was “figuring it for herself,” so “not only” had they previously had the conversation, they take yearly journeys towards the doctor together.


You heard that right…

T.I, as her father, arranges to think about her for the physician yearly to make certain she’s still a virgin.


Her virginity is “checked” yearly.

But because every woman will understand, not every virgin displays classic characteristics of “being a virgin” from activities for example horseriding, gymnastics, using tampons, as well as mowing the lawn.

These may all break the hymen that virgins have, which is damaged during intercourse.


Which means that T.I’s insistent and invasive checking of his daughter’s virginity is scientifically inaccurate.

The rapper’s claims initially came laughter from hosts Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham, who thought he was joking or exaggerating… but he wasn’t.


It is a bit of a convention between your father and daughter.

He apparently stated, “So it’s that one time we go, I believe this may have been after her 16th birthday. This is exactly what we all do. Immediately after the birthday, we celebrate, usually like the next day the party, she’s enjoying her gifts.”

“I place a sticky note around the door: ‘Gyno. Tomorrow. 9:30′.”


This invasion of privacy is extremely disturbing.


“So we’ll go and sit lower and also the physician can come and talk and also the doctor’s maintaining an advanced of professionalism. He’s like, ‘You know Mister, I must, to be able to share information’.”

He ongoing saying, “I’m like, ‘Deyjah, they need you to definitely sign this, therefore, we can share information. Can there be whatever you wouldn’t want me to understand?’ See Doc? Not a problem.”


He’s ignoring the physician’s advice…


T.I then appreciated the doctor explaining what sort of hymen might be broken diversely, but he clearly wasn’t interested simply because they simply mentioned, “Just consider the hymen please and provide me back my results expeditiously.”

He isn’t allowing his daughter the legal legal rights to her body.


To date, the outcomes happen to be towards the obsessive father’s liking, with him claiming, “I will say by her eighteenth birthday, her hymen continues to be intact.”


Besides this being an invasion of Deyjah’s privacy…


T.I also acknowledged that his son King, is already sexually active, who is just fifteen

The teen accepted inside a June 2019 episode from the family’s VH1 reality reveals that he’s already getting sex.

Something thinks would cause outrage, knowing by his father’s yearly journeys towards the doctors together with his daughter.

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