Surprise: Drake Has Released A Mixtape Of 14 Tracks

Drake fans had a nice surprise this morning. At 6:00 am (French time), the Canadian rapper released “Dark Lane Demo Tapes”, a mixtape of 14 tracks. A surprise album released without any promotion. On his Instagram account, he explains: “My brothers Oliver El Khatib and OVOnoel collected a few songs that people asked me for (some that leaked, others that were on SoundCloud and some new sounds). “

Among the songs available on this surprise album, there is the hit “Toosie Slide” which caused a lot of attention thanks to Drake’s choreography in the clip, taken over en masse on TikTok. But many collaborations are also on the program: Chris Brown joined him on “Chicago Freestyle”, Future on “Desires” or Playboi Carti on “Pain 1993”. Titles that were previously not available on major streaming platforms.

Surprise: Drake has released a mixtape of 14 tracks

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