Sugaring: This is how hair removal works with sugar paste

Permanent hair removal promises longer legs and no more annoying shaving. We’ll tell you why you should try sugaring.

Sugaring – that sounds harmless and kind of cute. The term hides a hair removal method that uses a sugar-based paste. More and more women (and also men ) become unfaithful to classic waxing and switch to sugaring. But is the method as harmless as it sounds?

The sugar-free epilatory paste is intended to remove the hair particularly thoroughly and cause hardly any pain. Smooth legs without nasty tug? We wanted to know if Sugaring actually has what it takes to be the number one hair removal method, and we even have a recipe for making the paste for you!

We’ll tell you why you should swear by sugaring instead of waxing.

Sugaring: Professional Epilation with sugar

The triumphant advance of sugaring goes hand in hand with the spread of specialized hair removal studios. At ‘Senzara’ in Cologne Ehrenfeld, half of all hair removal is already done with sugaring. Specialized studios like ‘Sugar Epilation’ in Munich even offer the method exclusively. In the 4th floor spa in Hamburg, intimate hair removal is only carried out by sugaring.

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