Stop Tossing Out your Used Dryer Sheets. Here are 10 Uses for them at Home

Especially today as people struggle financially due to the coronavirus, the level of interest in re-purposing everyday things has skyrocketed. That includes something as simple as dryer sheets. Sure, some people prefer liquid fabric softener but others don’t. So, if you’re someone who likes the sheets, you’ll love this information. Life is hard enough as it is. Just imagine using something you typically throw out to save yourself time and money. Well, that’s what you get by using dryer sheets. All you need to do is consider one of these 10 plus secrets for reusing them.


1. Clean Dirty Pots And Pans

That’s right, used dryer sheets work perfectly for cleaning dirty pots and pans. But here’s the secret. Place a sheet in the bottom of the pot or pan you need to clean. Then, fill it water and soak overnight. The next morning, stuck-on food will come right off.

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