Steven Spielberg is reportedly ashamed of his Daughter Mikaela

The 23-year-old recently announced that she would like to start a career as an erotic model and stripper after finally discovering a love for her body. Although Mikaela herself was certain that her parents would be proud of her career choice, reports that claim the opposite are now piling up. Insiders told the British newspaper ‘The Sun’: “Outwardly, Steven and Kate – who have always been the best parents in the world and love their children above all – naturally support Mikaela and they try to understand her. Of course, they are ashamed of being that she suddenly announces publicly that she does sex work. “

However, Mikaela, who was adopted as a baby by the ‘Jurassic Park’ director and his wife, is convinced of her decision. She also recently told Sun, “I was really fed up with not making money from my body and frankly I was fed up with everyone telling me to hate my body. And I didn’t feel like it more to work every day that didn’t make my soul happy. I want to do this kind of work, I can satisfy other people with it, but it feels good because I don’t feel used. ” She sees the reaction of her parents calmly: “I really believe that once you see how far I have made it from the bottom – where I was a year and a half ago – then you will realize

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