Simple methods to reduce fat consumption in cooking.

A few simple adjustments to your daily routine can lead to significant reductions in fat in your diet. Here are some simple methods for cooking with less fat, without sacrificing flavor.


Reduce fat in Meat


  • Limit meat to three or four ounces (85-115 grams) per serving).
  • Buy lean pieces and remove all visible fat before cooking. Buy extra-lean ground beef, or better yet, choose a lean piece and have the butcher chop it for you.
  • Remove the skin from the poultry before eating it. In some cases, this can be done before cooking.
  • Do not buy prepreg turkey; it is often injected with coconut oil, butter, or other types of fat.
  • Grill, cook, barbecue or roast meat, fish and poultry. Use a roasting rack to remove the fat while the meat is cooking.


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