Russian Artist Gained 4.5M Followers By Taking Bizarre And Thought-Provoking Photos 27 Pictures

25-year-old Russian artist Ellen Sheidlin, known as Sheidlina, welcomes us to her imaginative, peculiar, and capricious dreamland that is her Instagram feed. Her photographs are not your normal flawless shots we are used to seeing; she takes her art to another level by joining photography, advanced art, style, and makeup. Her odd thoughts and organizations can be awkward yet completely great simultaneously, causing solid responses and understandings—and hence, her work is rarely repetitive or dull. Behind her delicate figure and frequently lively hues, her dreamlike artwork has topics of social editorial and a more profound message.

We’ve made a list of her most attractive pics and it will assist you with understanding why she’s very mainstream.

Thanks to her edgy social media presence, this model, photographer, blogger, and painter has become a true Instagram sensation with 4.5 million followers.


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