Remove corns: With these tips you can get rid of them quickly

Corns are far from beautiful. The corneal adhesion, which are usually caused by shoes that are too tight, look nasty and can cause severe pain. We’ll tell you how to remove corns yourself and when it’s better to go to the doctor.

Corns, also called clavus, are small, inward corneal adhesion. In most cases, they are medically safe, but can be very painful and annoying. The hardening in the foot can often be removed by yourself. There are various ways to treat corns.

The most common causes: That’s how corns develop

Corns usually develop on skin close to the bones, which are exposed to high pressure or strong friction. The most common places of such corneal adhesion are the feet, usually on the side, between and under the toes or on the ball of the foot. Corns can also form on the fingers, on the hand or even on the elbows. As a kind of protective mechanism, the body forms a thick layer of skin on the affected area. If the pressure does not decrease, the cornea gradually thickens and grows inward like a thorn: A painful corn eye develops.

The most common cause of corns are shoes that are too tight, but misaligned feet can also cause annoying corneal adhesion.

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