Relieve 5 common ailments of the eye and eyelid.

Indoors and outdoors, our eyes are exposed to several irritants. Here you will find tips and advice to relieve 5 common eye and eyelid ailments


1. Relieve Swollen Eyelids

The swelling is due to an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the eyelid, anything that refreshes is likely to relieve: the cold causes vasoconstriction which stimulates the irrigation of the area.

  • Pour cold plain yogurt on gauze and put it in a compress on your eyelids for 15 minutes.
  • Cover your eyelids for 10 minutes with cold cucumber rings.
  • Put a refreshing compress on your swollen eyelids. Otherwise, crushed ice in a cloth will do the trick, or a metal spoon coming out of the fridge (not the freezer!) That you will gently apply to your eyes.


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