Prince Charles Tests Positive For Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The royal family of England, on the target of coronavirus as Prince Charles, got a positive test result. coronavirus has not left the member of the royal family that live in all the luxuries and protections. Prince Charles aged 71, has tested positive in coronavirus test.

As Prince has not been feeling severe signs of the virus still he has been observing self-isolation after the test and taking all possible measures to tackle and eradicate this disease.
Luckily his wife Camilla has tested negative. there is not any known source where the prince of wales has got the virus .it might be possible that while attending various meetings he came in contact with this virus but it is uncertain to name the person from whom he has caught the coronavirus. according to doctors, aged persons above 70 are more prone to this virus because their immune system is not as strong as the young people so they need to be more careful and vigilant.

Doctors and other medical personnel do not recommend aged person above 70 to self isolate themselves Queen Elizabeth the mother of Prince Charles has been taking all precautions and required measures to stay away from this virus and also advised others to do so .she has also moved from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle earlier before expected due to coronavirus pandemic.

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