30 Photos Worth Looking At With A Magnifying Glass

The bravest will approach their screen a maximum and will view this selection of 30 images while being plunged into darkness. For the less adventurous, you can leave the light on. But watch your back anyway!


The time to go to bed has finally arrived and you are about to have sweet dreams. But nothing will happen as planned thanks to this small selection of very creepy images.


In black and white 


The majority of these images are in black and white . What make us think that our ancestors were, certainly without wanting to, much stronger than us today to succeed in scaring. And Halloween costumes tend to prove it.


Between ghosts and strange appearances, poor quality photos that make you think of all kinds of things,  scary Santa Claus , creepy children and impressive family portraits, here is a selection of images that will replace your sweet dreams with terrible nightmares.



This is very embarrassing

30 Photos Worth Looking At With A Magnifying Glass

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