Photographer Makes A Mini Bed For A Squirrel , Capture These 11 Cute Pictures.

Sharon Cutler is a wild life and landscape photographer lives in Bournemouth. She had to defer her work for some time due to the coronavirus flare-up. “I’ve just had my back nursery to do some photography,” Sharon advised Bored Mojo “I chose to check whether I could get a few pictures of the wild squirrels that are consistently in my nursery.” Then, she recalled that there was a small bed made by herself some time prior to fill in as a prop in some photographs. In this way, she recreated the bed, ornamented it with little bits of cloth, and put it in her nursery to check whether the squirrels may like it.


Wildlife  photographer Sharon Cutler has set up a pretty small bed for squirrels in her garden

“Cyril the Squirrel was so worn out from a bustling day in the nursery,” Sharon posted on her Facebook after sharing the photographs of the squirrel investigating her new room. “So the time had come to state his supplications, stout up his cushion, lighten up his blanket and bounce into bed.” Her Facebook followers and others appear to adore the little bed.Everyone was¬† praising her

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