Permadetox: the new natural way to detoxify your body.

Rather than multiplying detox cures, it is better to learn not to pollute your body! This is the whole point of permadetox or permanent detox, a set of simple measures to be adopted on a daily basis in order to allow the body to detoxify naturally.

Nature is well made ! In fact, our body has the means to eliminate the toxins that penetrate it (various pollutants) and that it produces (waste from metabolic and muscular work , etc.). And this garbage collector’s job, he does it permanently. Thus, we can say that the body is in detox mode 24 / 24 hr. Yes, but … This natural cleansing operation can only be carried out if it is not overdosed! However, because of our way of life (junk food, lack of physical activities, tobacco, pesticides, solvents…), the cup is often too full. In short, each day, we touch, swallow, inhale all kinds of toxic agents, resulting in a myriad of symptoms: fatigue, constipation, digestive disorders, skin irritations … to name just the most “mild”.

Permadetox: a new lifestyle.

” Doing a detox cure is good, says Anne Dufour, co-author of Perma Detox to the Leduc.S edition , practical , but it is a short moment during which you provide your body with the means to ensure its detox, such as drinking a large quantity of liquid in order to drain quickly and well. A detox cure is a large indoor shower! A Permadetox is the same thing but softer and more constant! “.

The goal is to implement a healthy lifestyle, both mental and physical, on a daily basis. This involves food, physical activity, better choices for cosmetics … and also good reflexes to heal by favoring, when possible, natural solutions (such as essential oils ) rather than deploying heavy artillery allopathic (sleeping pills, cough suppressants, etc.).

Balance your gut microbiota.

The microbiota or intestinal flora plays a major role in the management of pollutants. It is sort of a waste reprocessing plant. For example: it neutralizes a large number of toxic molecules such as residues of antibiotics, nitrates, pesticides, etc.

To take care of it : it is necessary to increase the proportion of plants especially for their fibers, consume prebiotics and probiotics (lactofermented foods, yogurts, sauerkraut …), avoid additives as much as possible, do not make excess fat or meat, refined sugars …

Preserving skin flora

Billions of bacteria colonize our skin, hence our annoying tendency to want to strip it. Error, because it weakens our shield against external aggression: cold, sun, pollution, unsuitable cosmetics, injuries…

To take care of it: sweetness! On a daily basis, use soap but no antiseptic hand gel, and wear quality clothing that lets the skin “breathe”.

Pamper your little vaginal “fauna”

Again, an entire ecosystem protects places from unwanted people (infections, yeast infections, etc.). So better not to damage it with intensive washing, inappropriate shower gels. In fact, the vagina is self-cleaning. A simple external toilet is enough to eliminate just what it has eliminated by itself.

To take care of it : it is necessary to use products which respect the local PH which leave a protective “hydrating” film after the toilet.

Treat your respiratory microbiota.

The lungs also have their own microbiota! Many pollutants can modify its balance: tobacco, atmospheric or industrial pollution … Anne Dufour quotes in her book a study carried out on the rat which concludes ” that even a short exposure to fine particles modifies the composition of the pulmonary microbiota and the immune response of the body “.

To take care of it : you must take advantage of clean air as much as possible! Exit tobacco, of course, but also scented candles, chemical deodorant perfumes, automobile pollutants or those linked to DIY (paint, glue …).

To summarize, following the lifestyle rules of Permadetox means respecting the balance of all our microbiota in order to preserve our health. It also means learning to control stress , which involves restful sleep , playing sports and relaxation.

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