Once Again, Kylie Jenner Showed Her Amazing Wardrobe, And It’s Impressive.

Kylie Jenner is the queen of extravagance and for good reason, she is the youngest billionaire in the world. So when it comes to organizing a birthday party for Stormi, her daughter, Kylie does not hesitate to build a real amusement park in her name. Because the youngest of the Kardashian clan likes to please others but also knows how to make gifts. And she proves it to us, when she posts on her Instagram account, ephemeral photos and videos of her incredible collection of bags.


The videos invite us into the starlet’s dressing room. On the program: bags on all floors. You can see luxury labels like  Dior , Chanel , Fendi and many others. Some are limited editions, others are unique pieces, almost impossible to find. There are around twenty Birkin models signed  Hermès that can cost up to $ 390,000 each, according to the People media. The 23-year-old young woman posts a photograph showing a red Chanel bag in the shape of a heart designating him as “the cutest”. 

And it’s not over, we can see Louis Vuitton bags, sometimes personalized just for her, but also Saint Laurent or even Balmain . All are of different sizes and colors, which leaves him spoiled for choice. 

At a time when the collective conscience is awakening to overconsumption, one can wonder about the interest of accumulating as many coins. Everyone has the right to have their own idea.

If you missed this “dressing tour”, here is a summary in photos.



Once Again, Kylie Jenner Showerd Her Amazing Wardrobe, And It's Impressive.

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