Oily skin tips: how to matify your skin?

Does your face glow in summer and winter? It is very likely that you have oily skin! Rest assured, this is not inevitable: although brilliance is often a source of complexes,it is quite possible to tame them.

To find a matte and fresh skin, no secrets: everything lies in the choice of the right treatments.

What is oily skin?

Oily skin is a type of skin characterized by a grainy appearance, excessive shine on the face and, sometimes, skin imperfections (blackheads, blackheads, etc.). Barely cleaned, it starts to shine a few minutes later. During the day, makeup does not hold. In short, it is the unloved of the band … wrongly, since it has a major advantage: of all skin types, it is the one that ages the slowest!

Oily skin and combination skin: what difference?

Be careful not to confuse oily skin with combination skin! Although they have some things in common, a routine for oily skin would not be suitable for combination skin, and vice versa. So-called “oily” skin is shiny all over the face, including the eyelids . It is not uncommon for the scalp to also be oily than normal. On mixed skin, however, the shine is limited to the middle area (forehead – nose – chin) and the cheeks are normal to dry. Do you want to know more about combination skin? Find out how to treat combination to oily skin !

Why does oily skin shine?

Who is responsible for these unsightly shine? Sebum. It is an oily fluid secreted naturally by the skin, to maintain the integrity of the hydrolipidic film. In the case of oily skin, the sebaceous glands get carried away and produce more sebum than necessary . This seborrhea is often linked to hormonal variations or inappropriate external care.

Result: the sebum accumulates on the surface, clogs the follicular ostia and gives this characteristic shiny appearance. Fortunately, there are a few tips for matifying your skin.

Oily skintips: how to pamper it on a daily basis?

Oily skin routine: the golden rule

You tell yourself that, since you have oily skin, it is enough to degrease it with stripping products? STOP! We stop the massacre. The more you irritate your skin with overly aggressive treatments, the more sebum it will produce to protect itself … and the more it will shine.

To combat oily skin and its shine, you must start by treating it like sensitive skin . Your new motto: sweetness, nothing but sweetness! You will see that your skin will return it to you.

Fighting oily skin starts with cleansing!

Sebum is made up of lipids. In short, fat. To overcome it without traumatizing the epidermis, only one solution: fight evil with evil … or rather, fat with fat! As unsettling as it sounds, oils are the best option for cleaning oily skin . Very gentle on the skin, they rid it of its impurities and excess sebum, without unbalancing its protective surface film.

For your special oily skin routine,We recommends Clean cleansing oil . Use it in the morning to purify your skin after night, and at the end of the day to remove make-up or dissolve pollution. The bonus? It rinses off with water and leaves no greasy film!


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