Natural anti-wrinkle: exercises against wrinkles

How to make our smile our weapon against wrinkles? Here are 4 exercises to do to help you regain a smile before summer!

Caring for your skin, whether with products for hair removal or shaving your legs , is a real ritual for all women. For the face, simple gestures allow us to naturally take care of our skin. How to make our smile our weapon against wrinkles ? Here are exercises against wrinkles that prove to be real natural anti-wrinkles !

Tip against wrinkles.

The correct posture of wrinkle exercises :

  • We stand in front of a mirror
  • The back should be straight and the shoulders slightly back
  • We take a deep breath

The right frequency:

  • At the beginning, every 2 days.
  • As a maintenance treatment, 1 to 2 times a week.


Ride of the smile: the laughter of the vowels, 2 min

Exercise against smile lines :

  • For this anti wrinkle exercise , we amply articulate a series of vowels in a great burst of laughter while breathing well before launching.
  • The operation is repeated 3 times.

Earnings :

  • This wrinkle exercise lifts the neck.
  • Firms the corners of the lips. 

Natural wrinkles: make the fish, 3 mins

Exercise :

  • We suck the cheeks inward until the lips are shaped like an eight (as if we imitated the pout of the fish).
  • We remain frozen for 10 seconds.
  • The exercise is repeated 20 times.
  • Earnings :
    • This natural anti- wrinkle tones the cheeks and lips.
    • Plumps the lower face.


    A little pressure, 3 mins


Exercise :

  • The lips are pinched against each other until they touch the teeth.
  • Light pressure is applied and then stretched to the maximum.
  • We maintain the pressure for 20 seconds and then we release all the muscles.
  • We do it a dozen times.

Earnings :

  • This wrinkle exercise works effectively against sagging skin around the lips. It boosts the smile!

The kiss, 2 mins

Exercise :

  • We push the lips forward, mouth to heart, as if we were giving a kiss pushed to the extreme.
  • The voltage is maintained for the maximum time (30 seconds). For optimal efficiency, two fingers can be placed on the lips to apply pressure and further strengthen the muscles around the mouth.
  • The operation is repeated 4 times.

Earnings :

    • Perfect against smile lines , it firms the lips.
    • Smooth out fine lines around the mouth.


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