My homemade Spa

Need to pamper yourself but don’t have time to go to the spa? Stay zen, thanks to a few essential accessories, it is now the spa that comes to you.

1.The bubble mat.

Placed at the bottom of the bathtub, it lets out a multitude of small bubbles which, by their relaxing action, will bring you a delicious feeling of relaxation. Goodbye to the tensions of the day!

2.Bath salts.

Add the equivalent of a tablespoon of bath salt to your bath water (37 ° C) and let it sit for a few minutes before immersing yourself in it. The small grains develop in water a concentration of salt identical to that of the cellular medium thus allowing a better remineralization and detoxination of the organism. Latest trends? The aromas of argan, green tea and yuzu, a Japanese citrus with a delicate scent.


Place it everywhere in the bathroom. Nothing is more relaxing than a small flame with dim lighting to relax. The idea: let a few small waterproof LED lights float in the bath water.

4.The scrub.

Treat yourself to a Moroccan ritual. Black soap in one hand and glove in the other. Based on olive oil, the soap will cleanse your skin while providing it with a protective film. Then using the glove, gently massage the body from bottom to top to rid your skin of all the impurities that suffocate it.


Not always easy to self-massage. So favor the ends with suitable devices. One: the head massager. Apply light pressure on the scalp in small circles for 10 min, ideal for unwinding the last muscular tensions. Two: under the feet, slowly roll the balls of the small reflexology massagers. The secret to rebalancing energies.

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