Most Men Keep Quiet These 10 Secret Fears That Haunt Them

Even though science has established that testosterone reduces the urge to cry when faced with a difficult situation and that men are therefore more likely to become angry or to be silent, they are not immune of fear. Society does not push them to brag about it and yet: they too experience their own anxieties.


How can fear and doubt be hidden in a muscular body, behind a firm look and under a manly beard? “It’s absurd!” Exclaim these ladies in a dismissive tone. However, the lack of fear among men is only a received idea conveyed by society.



The Boredmojo team is constantly fighting against such stereotypes. This is why today we want to present to you 10 things that concern most men.



10. Physical appearance

Most Men Keep Quiet These 10 Secret Fears That Haunt Them

From an early age, we impose on women the idea that their silhouette must always tend towards an ideal, forcing them to undergo strict diets and training. This pressure seems to be less present in men, but that does not mean that they do not care about their physical appearance and do not compare their body to those seen on the covers of magazines. On the contrary: why do men spend so much time in the gym? The most painful thing for a man is to be told that he has a beer belly.

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