Mistakes not to do with a man

When one wants to conquer the heart of a man, it is necessary to apply the most effective methods according to his situation and especially to put aside the defects which make flee the men, even if the latter may, at first sight, not appear as negative as that. You think you are seducing but in reality, you are acting the wrong way and this can sometimes cause your man to break up or to distance yourself. When you have just joined a couple, it is necessary to perfectly manage the transition between seduction and life as a couple, and therefore there are acts that one must strictly avoid carrying out on pain of losing one’s man. or to anger him and thus to cause tensions.
When you want to move forward in your seduction or your relationship if you have managed to get closer to him, some behaviors are to be avoided but not only to please him. It is also to help you appreciate your daily life, not to ask yourself a thousand and one questions because this is exactly what would happen if it happened today. You are afraid of making a mistake, you are afraid that he will not react as you expected, you care about him and you do not want to spoil what can become a beautiful story.
You are looking for solutions and this is an excellent thing, it proves that you can move forward and that you do not plan to stay on top of your achievements. But at this stage, you must apply relevant advice and not just be content with simple research. Besides, if you need personalized help, you can perfectly go through personalized coaching in love life.

Why do certain errors make men flee?

If you find it difficult to settle into a healthy and stable relationship, some of your mistakes are certainly causing men to flee. With a man, you have to know how to do it! Indeed, love and men, these are two very complicated words to coordinate … But, why do men flee love with you? This is the answer to which you will have to find an answer and I guide you below to have a perfect understanding of the expectations.
For at all costs avoid pushing back a man and removing all desire to land and build with you, it is necessary to know the faults that make men flee. If you want to succeed in putting a man in your loved one and rather than pushing him away attracting him to the highest point, you have to understand men so as not to scare them away.
Not pleasing men does not mean that you are ugly or repulsive or even that your character or personality is not attractive. It may be too many mistakes that you make and that make a man run away, but you don’t realize it because you don’t see or find the evil.
Men, despite appearances and their strong, macho, or even insensitive side, are frightened by love. Indeed, they are afraid of becoming attached and suffering or even sometimes falling into a form of emotional dependence. This is the main cause that can cause them to act cowardly towards a woman. The man tends to run away from the woman he likes because he is afraid of getting too attached and having a broken heart. So, as soon as he feels that the relationship is getting a little too serious and pleasant, he tends to flee to protect himself from any more intense suffering. It is a form of negative anticipation.
The fragility, which men try to camouflage in their depths, pushes them to flee the love and the woman they like most. It is well known that the woman is the greatest weakness of the man, this is why if he runs away from love, it is to protect himself.
Another point that makes a man run away is the fact that a woman is too enterprising! If you tend to want to manage everything, to want to control everything, and limit your man to no longer feel like the man for the job, like the powerful man who protects you, you will trample his ego and his confidence in him.
The mistakes not to make with a man are still quite simple. It is particularly necessary that the man has a minimum of space to be alone or with his friends from time to time, that he can have his little secret garden and that he feels strong and able to protect you so that ‘he can keep his pride and his masculine ego (sometimes maybe oversized, it must be admitted!).
So, stop blocking your man at home, questioning him on his every move and preventing him from breathing. It is true that when you love a person you want it for yourself, but still, set yourself limits especially at the beginning of a story!

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