Meet Barry, A Gloster Canary With An Amazing Bowl Cut (25 Photos)

Meet Barry—a very cute Gloster canary with a groovy head of hair that looks like a perfectly done bowl cut and it is an active member of canary family. “I’m the bird with the fringe!” Barry says on his Instagram bio, where he has more than 2,000 followers now.

While Gloster canaries was found from the Canary Islands, they are not seen in the wild. The birds are the result of decades-long selective breeding. This bird has two types: Consorts (smooth heads) and Coronas (crested heads, like Barry). The birds sporting cute “Beatles haircuts” are not as social with humans as, for example, parrots, and avoid much human interaction. The Glosters are singing bird ,they are famous because of their pretty look.

1.Looking For Food

2.Little Bit Sleepy.

3.Do not Disturb.

4.Took Shower Because Its Too Hot.


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