Meditation for better sleep.

Free activity and accessible to all, meditation can really change your life: reduction of stress and anxiety, management of emotions, better concentration, productivity, creativity, good mood … This real training of the spirit can also help find a deep and restful sleep and to say goodbye to insomnia, whether chronic or punctual.

The benefits of meditation on sleep.

Often when we have trouble falling asleep or waking up at night, an uncontrollable stream of thoughts invades us. However, one of the bases of meditation is precisely the attempt to control this flow, to put it at a distance and to take a step back on all these thoughts for the benefit of the present moment. Regular practice of meditation, day and evening, therefore makes it possible to calm the mind and to fall asleep more easily and lastingly.

Meditation can also help if your sleeplessness or difficulty falling asleep is due to pain. As with thoughts, the pains are put at a distance. They will not necessarily decrease, but the experience and the way we look at them can change thanks to meditation.

Conditions for evening meditation.

Before focusing on meditation to help you fall asleep better, make sure your bedroom is suitable for sleep . Choose a simple decor, remember to ventilate well (morning and evening, summer and winter) and possibly to scent lightly with an anti-odor candle this room in which you spend so much time!

Also remember to finish dinner at least two hours before sleeping and to ban theine, caffeine and sugar after the meal. To put the odds on your side, you can drink a herbal tea or an infusion with chamomile, valerian or passionflower, plants known for their relaxing properties …

Meditation exercises before sleep.

Evening meditation can be practiced in your bed or on the floor on a carpet , sitting or lying down . The sitting position makes it possible to dissociate the states of meditation and sleep well while the lying position allows an easier transition. Here are the main meditation exercises to do at bedtime to fall asleep:

  • Concentrate on your breathing : start by observing your breaths and exhalations without modifying them before slowing down the rhythm if necessary. Take deep breaths and exhale for a long time. You can also hold air for a few seconds before exhaling. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  • Then bring your attention to each part of your body : while keeping part of your attention on your breathing, think of all your limbs, from the toes to the tip of the skull, and observe the areas of tension.
  • Think of the positive moments of the day that is ending.
  • Visualize a place, real or imagined, which is for you a haven of peace or in which you feel good and let your mind linger there, listen to the sounds which are specific to it…

You may not succeed the first time: do not be discouraged and persevere, meditation is a long-term job and lasting results will appear after a few weeks or even a few months …

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