Magic Of Rhassoul. Make Face Wash At Home.

How to make your natural facial cleanser yourself (and discover the magic of rhassoul).

Until two or three years ago, everything was fine in the best of worlds. I used cosmetics bought in perfumery with the impression of doing well, I screamed in injustice when I had a half-comedo on the face and then that’s about it. In the meantime, the adorable ”  adult acne  “ has been there, I found myself with buttons do you want, here it is, 25 rods and the desire to become The Mask in front of my mirror (solution all completely temporary, we agree). I have read everything, everything learned , eaten less dairy products, less meat, less gluten. All this for an… anecdotal result.

I put everything in the hands of super cosmetics brands at HE ( Kenzo and Yonka not to mention them). I wanted to believe it, going through a magnifying glass every square milometer of skin. But after a few months, we had to take stock of this mega flop : nothing really worked and I always had the impression of having Coluche’s face bitten by mosquitoes in Banzai . Not cute at all.

It’s been a while since I thought, slowly but surely about homemade cosmetics. After I do not know how many hours to wander the Internet in search of something not too shamanic with which to spread the stubborn blackheads, I ended up making a great mix and adopting a care routine that suits me perfectly. NOTHING.

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