Louane talks about French rap and PNL: His words set Twitter on fire!

Louane talks about French rap and PNL: His words set Twitter on fire!

The artist who celebrated his 24th birthday this Thursday, November 26 was asked about his new album as well as his collaboration with major players in French rap!

After the triumph of the first two Chambre 12 and Louane both certified triple platinum, Louane made his comeback with a third album entitled  Joie de vivre ! The interpreter of Donne moi ton coeur collaborated on this opus with the rappers Damso, Dinos or even, NKF producer of the PNL duo … Moreover the young mother gave her opinion on French rap but also the two brothers, real phenomenon of the urban scene.


“To be honest, I don’t listen to a lot of French rap music,” she started telling intrld.  “On the other hand (…) the ones I listen to the most are PNL. Most of my conversations about PNL today are defense. It’s ultra-frustrating. I’m in pop music, I’m not rap music at all, and whenever I talk about NLP, I get “yeah that’s not accessible.” I think there’s a generation thing which is obvious but it’s not at all PNL sectarian! Otherwise, why a little white girl from Hénin-Beaumont understands and is touched by what they say? And in addition, when I say that I am touched, I am really touched. NOS, he already made me cry for real “.
But this declaration of love to the group who had the chance to be invited by the California Coachella Festival, did not stop there! 


“I have always explained that these guys have incredible feathers, that for me it is poetry 2.0, that I understand that it is ‘not accessible’, even if I do not agree with that. In fact, you have to be a little interested in language codes. Why for me, it is not an effort? Just because it is the language that is around me. Afterwards, it’s funny, because I see people say: ‘Lol, Louane, she talks in lease’. But you don’t know me “.

The one who celebrated her 24th birthday went on to say: “Three quarters of the things NLP talks about: one, I don’t live it; two, I’m not oppressed in the same way and 3, honestly, although I can. to imagine it, I cannot understand it. It does not mean that it does not touch me “.

Louane also shared a song that makes her vibrate. “And sorry but in ‘Chang’, when NOS comes in, it doesn’t take ten seconds for me to be in tears. And yet, I’m not a fragile one – but yes, in truth I’m a fragile one (laughs).”


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