Learn All About The Terrazzo Trend And Its Decor

One of the designers’ favorite motifs for a long time, we have seen terrazzo make a marked comeback in ceramics, counter finishes and even on decorative vases! Basically, it is a durable material and above all, which can be personalized with various colors; both the basic composite material and the pieces added (marble, glass, etc.). 

Little by little, the motif has gained popularity and we now find the Terrazzo motif in several forms! Ready to see all the colors? Here are 11 ways to integrate the Terrazzo motif into your decor!

1. Wallpaper

Learn All About The Terrazzo Trend And Its Decor

Laying patterned wallpaper is without a doubt one of the best ways to give character to a space! We love the variety of colors found in the pattern as well as the texture that the print gives to the wall! Choose a model with neutral shades like beige, cognac, green and old pink! You will see how well these colors complement green plants, wood and other natural materials!

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