Father’s Day is fast approaching and you have not yet found what you wanted to offer this super dad? Don’t worry, we’ve found 15 Father’s Day gift ideas for you to make at the last minute !

A handmade gift for Father’s Day

What could be better to please everyone than a Father’s Day gift idea to have your child make himself? He will be so proud when his dad discovers a wonderful handmade gift made by the care of his little one. With a little help from you, it will quickly transform the self-hardening paste into a nice personalized key chain or under original glasses ! He will be able to express all his creativity to please his dad and learn new DIY techniques.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you feel Father’s Day coming too quickly and need a quick gift idea for men ? With a few simple materials, you will do wonders! First bet on a nice DIY Father’s Day card . Easy to make, it will go perfectly with your pretty gift. Do you have scraps of tissue? Go ahead and sew him a pretty bow tie ! There is no shortage of ideas to please the best dad in the world. Quickly discover our selection of 15 Father’s Day gift ideas to make at the last minute .


1.A bow tie for Father’s Day

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