Kim Kardashian Wants to be a Lawyer

Apparently, the reality TV actress is really serious about becoming a lawyer. If only the annoying books weren’t.

How did the late-career wish come about?

Kardashian doesn’t have to worry about money, not only since she was married to West. She herself has become a brand, a million-dollar one-woman company. Pecuniary pressure does not seem to be the reason why the eldest of four siblings are now turning to law. You have considered the step “very carefully,” said Kardashian of Vogue, Last summer, the reality TV actress campaigned for the shortening of a woman’s life sentence, which was convicted in the 1990s in connection with drug offences. US President Donald Trump had granted the sentence reduced, the woman was released. In the case, Kardashian worked with San Francisco-based human rights lawyer Jessica Jackson. At the time, she felt the desire to want to know more in order to do more legally. Then she decided to do an internship at the firm.

Maybe her father’s legacy also mattered. If Kardashian passed the exam, she could follow in his footsteps: Robert Kardashian (1944-2003) worked as a celebrity lawyer and was part of the defence team of former football player OJ Simpson in 1995, who was acquitted in what is probably the most famous murder trial in U.S. legal history.

Can we expect a fundamental transformation of Kim KW now?

The Vogue writes of the “awakening of Kim Kardashian West”. And it would actually be like in a fairy tale: A 38-year-old luxury sleeping beauty, who has proudly held its particularly large curves in the cameras up to now, cannot be corrupted by the glamorous Instagram luxury world and goes – like most other magazine readers and readers – from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. after a normal work. So far, however, there are no signs that viewers of the series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” will have to prepare for dialogues about legal texts and court files in the future. the Vogue-Homestory still photographs Kim as you have known her so far: she lounges, poses her hips, she poses with her children in a sparkling clean kitchen. You can see it on the cover with drip-damp hair in a skin-tight, very wide-mesh top that shows more than hidden. Very different from a lawyer’s robe.

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