Jennifer Aniston: On Her Future: “I See Children Running Around”

Jennifer Aniston is childless. Yet. Because in an interview with Sandra Bullock she surprises with a hint.

Jennifer Aniston (51) recently impressed with a stunning photoshoot, in which the 51-year-old made it very clear: she absolutely has no need to hide her body! In the “Interview” magazine, a photo series shows the successful actress in top shape. As “” now reports, the Hollywood beauty talked openly with Sandra Bullock (55) about life over 50. Some interesting views came to light.

Aniston and Bullock are friends

Aniston and Bullock have been friends since they met at a Golden Globe party in the 1990s. Actor Tate Donovan (56), whom both women were already dating, introduced them to each other – and it immediately seemed to “spark” between the two actresses. 

But not only the past was the subject of the intensive interview for the “Interview” magazine, plans for the future were also discussed. And while doing so, Jennifer Aniston dropped a huge bomb. Because she said about her future:  “I see children running around.” She admitted that she saw herself in a beach house. With this picture in her head, she can also hear the sea rushing, laughter, ice cubes in a glass and she can smell the food that is being prepared – and see children running around! 


Jennifer Aniston sees children in their future

This, as Aniston calls it, “happy snapshot” in her head naturally raises a question: is the Hollywood star thinking about children? In the past, their childlessness has often been discussed in public. And Aniston had emphasized that she didn’t need children to be happy  – but could still imagine becoming a mother. She is currently single, but rumours keep flaming up, not least about a reunion with her ex-husband Brad Pitt (56).

So far, Jennifer has been childless. Does she want to change that now, perhaps through an adoption? In this case, Sandra Bullock would be the perfect contact, because she too is the mother of two adopted children: Louis (9) brought her to her in 2010, little Laila (7) followed in 2015. Perhaps there are, besides her professional successes and never-ending ones wanting rumours about Brad Pitt soon real news about Aniston’s private happiness – which then has to do with child laughter.



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