Is he hyperactive? What is Hyperactivity?

Some very rowdy children suffer from hyperactivity. But beware of the hasty conclusions, because this psychiatric disorder concerns only 2 to 5% of them.

What is hyperactivity?

Nothing is more normal than running, jumping and screaming when you are a young child. It is the exaggeration of this behavior that is the problem. If from the age of 10 months he runs everywhere in the apartment, tries to go over the bars of his bed, climbs four to four the stairs, descends alone from his high chair without fear of danger, if is tireless and shows extraordinary physical capacities, he may be hyperactive. This disorder affects 2 to 5% of children and is detected in the first year of life. As he grows up, the child also shows an angry temper, difficulty concentrating, hence the scholarly name for this disorder, ADHD , Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder.

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