I Tested This Technique 3 Times On Whatsapp: It Makes Girls Crazy!

I Tested This Technique 3 Times On Whatsapp: It Makes Girls Crazy!

“I applied your last technique to flirt with Whatsapp, coach: it’s a scandal that it’s so simple. I could never have imagined getting so many appointments with girls thanks to this trick! “

A big thank you to my student Michael for this testimony! Michael is the ideal client for me in coaching seduction.

He is 30 years old, lives in the city, has a good job … but does not have the results he should have on dating sites.

Let me be more specific: sometimes he engages in conversations, takes the girls’ number, but he struggled to turn those numbers on Whatsapp into real dates.

That was before I told him this psychological principle that all good writers know …

Michaël flirts online like a normal guy. When I read these messages, I get bored a little.

I am your seduction coach, I am rather creative and comfortable with words, it is my favorite raw material for a girl to fall in love.

I must say that I started practicing in 1999 before Caramel, from high school. Since then, I gained a big mastery, and I tried scripts of crazy crazy conversations.

So, when I read the topics of conversations addressed by Michael, I say to myself “It’s good, it’s nice, it’s not crazy, but for normal girls, it works normally. “

So Michael sent me the screens of his conversations about Meetic and Tinder: cobblestones, lines, and lines on:

  • His musical tastes
  • The last films he saw
  • The time he devotes to his work
  • The city where he lives
  • Why is he on a dating site


In the same way, the questions he asks the women he is talking to are normal, socially acceptable:


  • And what do you do in life?
  • And how long have you lived in Mérignac?
  • And when you’re not at work, what do you do with your parties?

From time to time, he approaches a good topic of conversation, and makes the exchange last 5 minutes more, but nothing of forceful.

In short, it plays the pass at 10, it turns the ball, but it will not pierce the opposing defenses, no acceleration that could destabilize the team in front and give an interesting result …

Result: too often, the girl disappears, stops talking to him online, does not respond when he offers a first appointment or worse, hangs.

The explanation of the online dating professional?

Michael does not yet fully master the power of the Zeigarnik effect to captivate girls, a psychological principle that I will tell you in a moment, and …

that you can master in detail through the training “Irresistible Messages” and that allows you to get answers from girls through 4 simple messages that you just have to copy and paste.


Better chat on WhatsApp with the power of deleted messages

I Tested This Technique 3 Times On Whatsapp: It Makes Girls Crazy!


This technique called “deleted messages on Whatsapp” was born in our private group on Whatsapp.

Two pals who hate writing but like to share bullshit online, Nightwing my ex-roommate, Eros the best sweeper in Paris, and me: 5 professionals in the dredge, all with our specialties and our characters.

We mainly talk about girls who sleep with Nightwing the first night, often little girls of Extinction Rebellion or alternative movements.

There’s also a lot of talk about Eros’ sleeping stories, which suddenly come to bed with a porn actress she met in the evening, and with an escort girl she met … about Tinder.

As you can see, this group Whatsapp has neither tail nor head but is focused on efficiency in the drag: no time to lose.

And often, far too often, 2 out of 5 participants write a message … and delete it. And on our conversation, we see this:

“Message deleted”.

And it drives you crazy!
I understood that this frustration would help us to make the Whatsapp messaging messages even more powerful …

If we, however, honed to communicate online, go crazy because we missed a piece of the message …

I thought that YOU could copy and use this frustration … and incorporate it into your messages on Whatsapp with the girls to make them crazy!

That’s how it happened to Michael …

I told her not to spend hours as usual before asking for the girl’s phone number on dating sites, and quickly switch to Whatsapp to seduce girls with this psychological process of frustration.

And I wrote for Michaël the following 3 sentences, asking him to test them with the girls.

  • “What I mean is that …”
  • “We have to see each other because I absolutely have to tell you that …”
  • “Anyway, you know that …”

And just after these messages, the famous cliffhanger that writers use in series to make us addicted: the message deleted.

And that also works in these messages on Whatsapp to intrigue the girls and force them to invest emotionally in the conversation.

In the girls’ heads after the technique of the deleted messages on Whatsapp, lots of questions are jostling:

  • What can happen next?
  • What does he have to tell me?
  • He does not dare tell me something? What do I like about him?
  • He wrote something that he regrets? But what is it? I want to know!

This is the old schoolyard technique, “I have a secret to tell you … but I can not tell you … I would like it though … but I can not …”, brought up to date.

It was crazy at the time, it still works today with the technique of the message deleted on Whatsapp.


Girls’ responses to deleted messages


I Tested This Technique 3 Times On Whatsapp: It Makes Girls Crazy!


Generally, you will receive the same kind of response from girls.

  • Why did you erase the message!
  • I know for sure what? You have deleted your message!
  • It is unfair! What did you say in this deleted message?
  • ??? (the answer of girls who do not have time to make sentences)


Your technique worked. The girl is interested in this story. She wants to know what’s next.

I Tested This Technique 3 Times On Whatsapp: It Makes Girls Crazy!


The ball is in your camp.

It is the moment or never to leave the virtual world and to propose to the girl an appointment which she will not be able to refuse.

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