I Let My Husband Choose My Clothes For A Week

If you ask your husband to look in your wardrobe to choose your clothes, what do you think he will choose? A long red dress? Jeans, canvas sneakers and a T-shirt? Or a bikini?

Boredmojo.com invites you to take a look at the results of this interesting experiment, in which Denis had to dress his wife Diliyara for a week.

I Let My Husband Choose My Clothes For A Week

Like many women, I have a large wardrobe full of clothes, some of which I have never worn. Despite this, I often thought that I had nothing to wear. So I decided to do an experiment and asked my husband to choose my clothes for a week.

His choice really surprised me.


I Let My Husband Choose My Clothes For A Week

On Monday, I carefully observed how Denis was looking for clothes for me. It was a very important day: I had a meeting with my associates and I had to be presentable. I wanted to stop the experiment several times but he was so excited that I sighed and waited for the verdict.

But my fears were in vain. Of course the outfit chosen was not suitable for a business meeting, but, according to Denis: “everything is hidden, no one will look at your cleavage and in addition, it is a very spring look”. Having said that, believe me, everyone looked at me. I spent the whole day with these clothes and I can 100% assure that I will wear them again. In addition, I received many compliments from my colleagues for this colorful look.

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