I designed A Rare Variety Of Shoes Out Of Everyday Objects.

Bored of vegans? I have a collection of shoes for you! Or are you vegan and tired of all those carnivores? I got the perfect shoe for you!

I made a series of “Everyday shoes” and its just an amazing combo of freaky collection of shoes and blasting ideas that will amaze you . Here is a large variety such as vegetable shoes, meat shoes, and all are perfect for special occasions.

Scroll through to see some of the amazing shoes made of everyday items.

#1 The Garden Stiletto

#2 The Newspaper Boot

#3 The Christmas Edition Gift Boot

#4 The Forrest Stiletto

#5 The Detox Cinderella Shoe

#6 The Detox Boot

#7 The Chocolate Stiletto

#8 The Chunky Organic Flip Flop

#9 The Sushi Flip Flop

#10 The Basil Boot

#11 The Happy New Year Stiletto

#12 The Highlighter Shoe

#13 The Flower Sandal

#14 The “One Is Never Enough” Heel

#15 The Candy Heel

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