How To Use Shaving Cream To Defog Your Windows

There’s a lot of things we love about wintertime … cozy fires, snow angels, hot cocoa, sledding, and the Holidays! But one thing that’s annoying when it gets cold out: fogged-up car windows.

What causes car windows to fog up?

So what causes windows to fog up in your car? As the air temperature gets colder during winter, water condenses on the window’s surface (either inside or outside) because “the temperature of the surface is below the dew point of the air next to that surface. So you need warm, humid air next to a cooler surface to fog up,” according to the University of Illinois’ Department of Psychic.

This simply means that when it’s warmer and more humid inside your car than it is outside, your windows can fog up. This can be a total pain if you need to go somewhere quickly and have to wait to defog your windows or are driving down the road and your windows begin to fog up and you have to fumble around to find the defroster controls.

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