Challenge of the day: Maintain the radiance of your skin despite confinement! 

Why ? Since the early forties, you have taken the opportunity to let your skin breathe. You practically no longer wore make-up except for videoconferences with your boss or Houseparties with your loved ones. 


Stress and fatigue : Currently, your skin is stressed and tired by this health crisis that forces you to stay at home. Lack of sleep beyond exhaustion causes a flare-up of severe blemishes on your skin.Sun Loss : Lack of vitamin D and heat from the sun can also affect your well-being and that of your skin.


The desire to eat everything : By remaining confined to your home, the temptation of a full fridge becomes irresistible. Excess food does not do your skin that is in great pain.

The UFO smart mask will be your best ally to allow your skin to regain its flexibility and vitality. All in 90 seconds. The green LED light that composes it will boost the radiance of your skin and the production of collagen for a more rejuvenated effect. As for the red LED light, it will rebalance your skin by bringing it all the benefits of an innovative treatment.

No more dull and fragile face. With its thermotherapy and cryotherapy technology, UFO relaxes, soothes and revitalizes the body and mind. 

2. LUNA 3

Blue light : The screens of computers and your phone actively attack your eyes, but also your skin. Your epidermis is thus highly exposed to blue light which seriously damages it.

Dryness of the skin : By being in quarantine, most of you let your skin breathe except that it causes a great dryness of the skin. Sweating, impurities and mites soak in more freely and prevent your skin from being cleaner. 

To regain healthier and more invigorated skin, trust LUNA 3, which deeply removes impurities and small spots that appear after using screens. This beauty treatment guarantees you a good rate of hydration and will eliminate the harmful effects of dryness. Perfectly clean skin in 1 minute! 

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