How to take care of a man’s hair and beard?

Unshaven style and disheveled hair are once again becoming the standard of men’s fashion … why not! But on condition that it remains neat and aesthetic! Sarah, the “barber of Paris”, gives us some tips to share with our men so that they are always on top!

Our man tends to neglect himself? Let’s help him take care of his hair or his beard. Here are the tips of a barber.

The right haircut, a well-trimmed beard, it changes a man. Maintaining them well is asserting your style, but also and above all, preventing them from becoming a source of discomfort. As we know that taking care of your hair is essential, we know that wearing a beard does not just mean waiting for it to grow, you have to know how to take care of it, otherwise beware of itching !! Here are some tips to avoid itching and irritation, and to maintain a trim and beard shape. 


The essential kit for your man to take care of his hair and beard:

  • a lawn mower
  • a razor
  • a pair of scissors
  • a beard comb and a hair comb
  • a shaving foam

a shampoo”A man’s scalp tends to be drier and more itchy than a woman’s. To help him take good care of his hair , offer him a suitable shampoo like Head & Shoulders Anti-Itching which eliminates visible flakes * and all associated signs like itching. Your man may also use this shampoo to clean his beard for a smoother and silkier result, but also prevent irritation related to too hard hair. 
It should be flushed for remove all traces of shampoo and residue. Improper rinsing promotes itching! 

Take care of your hair.

“To restore a little pep to the hair, it is advisable to refresh the cut every 6 weeks. You can do it yourself to your man, nothing could be simpler: cut all the ends of the hair that you can grab between your index and middle finger, about 1 cm.

“”Redraw the legs with a chisel and a clipper. For the contours of its nape opt for the Cruzer de Braun clipper: the special hair shoe can be adjusted up to six different lengths! .

“”For drying, be careful to respect the direction of their natural implantation … unless you want to give them volume !!”

His beard and mustache.

“To structure his face, remove the excess hair respecting the natural shape of his beard. To do this, use a razor after having roughened with the clipper. For the cheeks, and especially for the bravest, you can use pliers Finally, shorten the mustache to reveal the mouth and give a clean and fresh look to his man. “

“To avoid irritation, you can use an after-shave cream, such as the Gillette Series energizing moisturizer. This non-greasy moisturizer, rich in vitamin E, B3 and pro-vitamin B5 provides hydration comfort after shaving. immediate and an energizing effect. It is advisable to make a scrub once a week to avoid ingrown hairs,

“Also take care to dry the lower neck well because the skin may have wrinkles and therefore be prone to itching. You can use talc to dry all areas well. Finally, to keep a beautiful beard and reduce the frizz effect linked to regrowth, remember to comb it every day in the direction of hair growth. “

You just have to run your hand through her hair and snuggle against her cheeks without fear of ending up with red and irritated cheeks! What a pleasure to see her man take care of his hair and feel good about himself thanks to the little advice you gave him.

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